Initiation Package

Beginner’s lesson in skiing and snowboarding (8 years and up)

A ready-made plan

Take the three beginner’s lessons

The most affordable way to learn. This program in three stages allows you to perfect your basic techniques. Discover all you need to know to become independent as quickly as possible.

Ski & snowboard Initiation / 8 years and up

The plan includes:

  • One-hour group beginner’s lesson (maximum of four people per group)
  • Four hours of equipment rental (helmet included)
  • Four-hour ski ticket provided by the instructor
Introduction 1

No prerequisite

$69.99 / pers.
Reg. $144.24

Introduction 2

Prerequisite: Introduction 1

$62.99 / pers.
Reg. $137.24

Introduction 3

Prerequisite: Introduction 2

$59.00 / pers.
Reg. $134.24

  • BOOKING: In order to make a lesson reservation, please contact customer service at 450 653-3441 ext. 1 or write to us privately on our Facebook page.


Taxes not included

There will be no refunds or credits on cancellations of courses or rentals made between February 27 and March 7 inclusive.

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450 653-3441 ext. 1

At the time of booking, please tell us the learner’s weight, height and shoe size.

What happens during the first visit

Let us guide you

Is this your first time skiing or snowboarding? Rest assured, we will support you at all stages of your learning.