On your masks, get set, ski!

Vaccine pass mandatory

Protecting our guests and employees is our top priority. We are asking for your co-operation to ensure that the rules put in place are followed and, at the same time, help us fulfill our mission: TO OFFER YOU AN INCREDIBLE WINTER SEASON! Our operations this season may be somewhat different, but the fun will remain the same!

IMPORTANT! If you have any of the symptoms of COVID-19, you will not be allowed to enter the site.

Here’s a few questions/answers that will help you understand how we’ll be operating this winter.


When will the passport be mandatory ?

As soon as the resort opens for the winter season.

I bought my winter pass but I’m not vaccinated, what are my options ?

A. You can postpone your purchase for next season (2022-23), no extra fees or price increase. This option allows you to possibly activate your pass this winter if the measures change.

B. Total refund or in proportion to the date of purchase (spring or autumn). Conditions apply.

To benefit from one of these options, please write to gestion.sac@skisaintbruno.ca before the resort’s opening, with the following information :

1- Last name and first name

2 – Your choice (credit or refund)

3- Receipt number

4- Phone number

There might be a delay of 3 to 4 weeks.

No request will be taken by phone.

I’m a parent/guardian & unvaccinated, can I accompany my child to the lesson ?

No, to accompany you’ll have to be vaccinated

Who does it affect?

Everyone from 13 yo. It will be mandatory to enter Ski Saint-Bruno’s site.

What happens to a child that is 12 yo now, but will be 13 yo in the winter season ?

We’ll take in consideration the age that the child was a the date of purchase of the product.

How will the vaccine passport be checked?

There will be a gate to control at the entrance. Priority queues will be put in place. Customers having a pass and our staff will have their own priority queue.

Why does SSB impose the vaccine passport everywhere when it’s only necessary on the slopes, at the rental shop and the cafeteria (restaurant)?

During the season, the resort gets very busy which make it difficult to control our customers. If we don’t control at the entrance, we would have to do it at each entrance where the passport is mandatory (rental shop, repair shop, chairlifts, main Chalet (cafeteria and restaurant), outdoor deck)

How will the passes be checked ?

During your first visit, you’ll have to present your ID and your vaccine pass as well as your winter pass to which we’ll stick a sticker

Can I eat my lunch in the cafeteria ?

Yes, given that the vaccine pass has been checked when you first got to the parking lot.

Can I eat my lunch outside ?

Yes, given that the vaccine pass has been checked when you first got to the parking lot.

Can I use the bathrooms or go inside to warm up ?

Yes, given that the vaccine pass has been checked when you first got to the parking lot.

Can I leave my personnal belongings inside like it used to be ?

Yes, there will be lockers available.

I live in another region or country, can I ski in Quebec ?

Absolutely, if you’re travelling to Quebec, you can enjoy the same activities as anyone as long as you are able to provide :

  • Your ID with a picture and your address:
  • A document proving you’re double vaccinated


  • The range of activities and services available can change quickly and may differ from one day to the next.
  • Consult our website or Facebook page before coming to the resort.
  • Avoid peak periods, which are Saturdays and Sundays from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
  • It is preferred that you visit us on weekdays and keep your stay to less than three hours.
  • Expect lineups.
  • Arrive earlier than usual so that you have time to get ready in your vehicle.
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