Enchanted Forest

On this magical glade run, you can practice your turns with confidence.

A mythical glade

This winter, come and discover a magical place for the whole family! Our Enchanted Forest will put a smile on your children’s faces with its mysterious creatures, unique scenery and illumination in the evening! This glade run was created for practicing controlled turns in a playful and fun environment.

The legend of the Enchanted Forest

Dear skier, welcome to the Enchanted Forest, this magical and mysterious place where our mascot Skigolo has fun, enjoys the pleasures of winter and laughs with his friends the giants. It is also in this magnificent place, at the foot of a unique tree called “Great Sagebruno,” that Skigolo was born.

Fantastic characters

During your descent among the wonders of nature, you will find a number of fantastic characters who have inhabited the forest for a very long time. There are many spotted mushrooms, as well as a huge cauldron used by the elves to make special potions. Along the path you will see caterpillars ready to transform, superb multicolored butterflies, formidable fairies and even some dragons and flying unicorns. Keep your eyes wide open …

Skigolo’s World

Do you know Skigolo and his friends?

Skigolo, a native of the Enchanted Forest, welcomes you to his home, accompanied by his three best friends Granule, Grésille and Tirol. All the little ones adore this iconic mascot of Ski Saint-Bruno. If you meet him, remember to blow plenty of kisses his way.