First visit

Ski Saint-Bruno offers you two ways to learn. You can either take a lesson accompanied by an instructor or visit our SKIGO and SNOGO self-learning areas.
Deux enfants sur le tapis de remontée ski

Reserve your lesson 7 days in advance


Start your learning accompanied by our certified instructors, who will guide you and share their passion for snow sports.

Discover our lessons
Moniteurs de ski dans une chaise de remontée

Do you need equipment?

Optional – Step 1

Renting equipment is a guarantee of quality, maintenance and comfort. Your equipment will be selected by our team of experts based on your weight, height and skill level.

Reserve your equipment

Reserve your time on the slopes

Step 2

To ensure a safe environment and prevent overcrowding, you must purchase a lift ticket on our online platform.

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Daily ski ticket at Ski Saint-Bruno

Enjoy the slopes

The final step

You are now ready to start the Beginner’s Trail. Ski or snowboard in an environment that is safe, controlled and adapted for your first experience on the slopes.